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DIN tim - Domino boxes
Excellent for food and beverages. They are made out of wood by order, dimensions by order, print on wood by order...
DIN tim - Foldable boxes
Foldable boxes are made out of wood by order,
dimensions by order...
DIN tim - Wooden canteens
Our wooden canteens are made out of wood, glass coated
volume 0.7 and 0.5 liters...
DIN tim - Chest boxes
Wooden chest boxes are made out of wood by order,
dimensions by order...
DIN tim - Business gallantry
Wooden business cards holders, business cards, coasters, paper holders, pen cups, key rings, plaques...
DIN tim - Souvenirs
Wooden souvenirs: tennis rackets, puzzle, box of incense, watches, key chains, wooden coffins, fridge magnets, crosses, icons, diptychs, candlesticks, stools, photo albums...

About us

Din Tim is the company that has been successfully operating in the domestic and international markets for many years. DIN-TIM was established in 1989 in the village of Lopaš, besides Trstenik, as a small family business. Today we have over 30 employees. You can visit us in our exhibition space in Belgrade also.

DIN Tim is a company that manufactures wooden packing, wine boxes, water bottles and flasks, bottle, souvenirs, accessories, directors chairs made of wood. Our canteens, flasks, wine boxes, pendants, cruets, wooden souvenirs, wooden accessories, wooden business goods, promotional materials, promotional gifts, promotional materials, promotional products and our other products are decorated with laser engraving and carving on the latest CNC machines.
If you would like to see our canteens, wine boxes, director's chairs, wooden packaging, souvenirs, pendants in your homes, restaurants or offices, contact us, DIN tim is here for you.
If you require additional information regarding our products, and you cant find them on our website, please contact us via e-mail:, or via phone 062/212 802.


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Adress: Lopaš bb,
37243 Počekovina
Trstenik, Serbia

Mob: 062 / 212 802
Fax: 037 / 731 131

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